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Who We Serve

Women in Leadership

The savviest women in leadership have cracked the code–leveraging the shift in values, overcoming the structural limitations of their environment, and remaining faithful to their truest self. Those women have rejected the tendency to mimic male leadership styles as an advancement strategy. They refuse to set aside their unique strengths simply to conform. Instead, they adapt and evolve. They find success in the opportunity presented by this gap between their values and the current power structure… and become legendary in the process.

Emerging Leaders

Our Emerging Leaders® program is specifically tailored to high potential leaders to help you fully realize your potential both now and for the whole distance of your leadership journey. We’ll walk alongside you as you discover who you were meant to be and what you were meant to do. And together we’ll set up a plan that will ensure your long-term success.

Leaders in Transition

Leadership transition happens at every stage of your leadership journey. Camelot’s Values in Motion® model allows leaders to gain an accurate assessment of where your are in your leadership development. More importantly, it gives you insight into what you will face on the next leg of the odyssey. Although there are significant transitions between each of the 8 stages of development, understanding how to navigate the transitions between the major phases is key. Appropriately preparing for the Genesis Transition (between phases 1 and 2), the Grand Transition (between phases 2 and 3) and the Omega Transition (between phases 3 and 4) requires special preparation and conditioning.

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