At Camelot Consulting we believe that every leader should have the opportunity to lead an abundant and meaningful life. Each one of us wants to contribute to something significant and to invest our full and best energy in our work, our lives, our families and our communities. Organizations that create a culture where people are contributing to something bigger than themselves and have a sense of genuine purpose allow them to thrive and do their best work every day. Camelot delivers coaching and development programs to leaders and teams that drive increased engagement, productivity and performance. In addition we offer consulting services that produce transformational change and create strategic alignment.

leadership, coaching, values

One-on-One Coaching

Tailored directly to your needs, our one-on-one coaching is intended to give you the personalized attention that you need .

leadership, coaching, values

One-day Legendary Intensive

This focused one-day engagement is the foundation for leadership success and is based on our Values in Motion model.

leadership, coaching, values

Platinum Coaching Services

This 12 month engagement is structured for the leader looking to strategically transition to the next stage in their leadership journey.